Movie buffs are aware that there is no Indian film that can compete with Tollywood in the field of "Action Films". 

The industry has produced blockbuster after blockbuster that is based on larger-than-life characters. They are always well-loved by the population in Andhra as well as Telangana.

Bollywood playing around with the remakes of Telugu Action Movies is yet another example of the South's power in this Genre. If you're looking for authentic Indian Action, Telugu movies are worth watching.

This is our list of the Top 5 Telugu Action Movies that you must be watching right now:

1. Nenokkadine (2014)

This action-packed psychological thriller has come from Sukumar. The film was released in 2014. This film is based on an Indian Rock star musician, Gotham who is Schizophrenic. Gotham is on the hunt for the mysterious person who is believed to have killed his parents.

The main characters were performed by Mahesh Babu as well as Kriti Senon. The film was ranked as the 4th most-grossing Tollywood film to be released in the United States. It is one of the best movierulz Telugu shows that you can find out there.

2. Panja (2011)

This action movie packed with appealing music graced screens in the year 2011. The film showcases the gorgeous on-screen duo of Pawan Kalyan and Sarah Jane Diyas.

The plot revolves around Jaidev (Kalyan) Kalyan, a henchman of a gangster who is furious at his master after they commit a violent crime.

3. Stalin (2002)

Stalin is a Tollywood masterpiece directed by none other than A.R. Murugadoes. The remake was created by Bollywood and starred Salman Khan. Chiranjevi is the lead character, along with Parkash Raj Khushboo along with Shara Urvashi.

The storyline depicts Stalin as a retired army officer whose sole goal is to defend the people of this country and make it an improved place to live.

4. Shiva (1989)

At the time of its release, Shiva became a symbol of the power of Tollywood within the genre of action. In a compilation by CNN-News 18, Shiva was listed in the 100 Great Indian Films of all time.

The film explores the effects of student politics. The protagonist, Shiva, A College student fights against criminals who are using students' politics to pursue their desires. This Ram Gopal Varma's direction featured on-screen characters Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala Akkineni.

5. Chhatrapathi (2005)

Chhatrapati is an action Thriller directed by S.S Rajamouli. The Prabhs and Shriva Saran-starrer came out in 2005, and received massive praise from Telugu fans, securing two Nandi awards too. The film was remade in Bengali The remake was released in Hindi in 2021.

Chhatrapati is a courageous man who fights the oppression by a local rowdy. He is reunited with his mom and Stepbrother. The film is an interesting look at the mother-son bond.

6. Anukoni Athidi

This film came out in 2021. It tells the story of an heir to the royal family who faces a major tragedy. The heir to the family is forced to be admitted to a mental institution and a young physician will help her recover from the condition.

The movie is similar to a typical romantic story but with an abundance of emotionally charged scenes that will keep you hooked in the theatre. Aside from that, you can visit kisscartoon to find the latest animated movies and cartoon series online.

7. Ek Mini Katha

Ek Mini Katha is available on various online streaming services. You can download it in HDRip. This film came out in 2021 and is available through multiple websites for no cost.

This film is a thriller with a psychological theme and has aspects of romance and comedy too. This film can be purchased in a variety of viewing qualities based on which one works best for your needs.

8. Cheekati

Cheekati is the newest Telugu movie that was released in 2021. This film belongs to the genre of supernatural and has horror scenes, too.

Cheekati is a great film for those who enjoy murder and horror. The story follows an officer who is trying to unravel the mystery that is affecting the town. It is possible to watch the film online or download it directly from online movie download platforms.

Final Words

Here is our selection of Telugu Action movies that will bring you the true taste of Classic Telugu Action. Also you can checkout

So, stop everything, grab your popcorn, and start watching these classics. It's going to be an adventure of a lifetime for Tollywood novices.