Are you planning to buy an American bully? If yes then you have landed on the right place. American bully is one of the breeds that is believed to originate from the US. This is a breed that has been designed by making use of the same characteristics of American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers along with some breeds similar to Bulldog-type.

This is a breed that generally is seen in medium size. These dogs can grow from 16 inches to 20 inches and can weigh from 30 to 65 pounds. As this is one of that species that can be misunderstood very easily, here we will clear up a few things. So here we will try to find out the 9 most important things about the American bully and help you to get a better understanding of this breed.

American Bully Dogs are Not Pitbulls

One of the prime misconceptions that people have about the American Bully is that people feel that these are pitbull. However, the truth is that these are two very distinct breeds.

Even there is a thing that American bullies have their origin from pit bulls that are a completely different breed from pit bulls. They are a mixed breed, but have their own standard.

So, you must know that there are different varieties of American bullies available. So coming to the main thing, American bullies are completely different from pit bulls.

American Bullies are available in 4 different sizes

You can find the American bullies are available in 4 different variants. Their most common variants are:

  • Standard
  • XL
  • Pocket
  • Classic

The four different varieties of American bullies have different sizes. You can stay assured that each and every one of them are different in terms of their sizes.




17 to 20 inches

16 to 19 inches


14 to 17 inches

13 to 16 inches


20 to 23 inches

19 to 22 inches


Same as Standard, but are less muscular.

Same as Standard, but are less muscular.

American bully price in India is higher

If this is the first time that you are thinking of buying the American bully, you must be aware of the price tags that come with it. No wonder that American bullies are expensive breeds checkout ihomepet.

Besides, a lot depends on the type you are choosing and from which breeder you are selecting. Remember that when you wish to buy the high quality American bullies, you can remain assured about them. Their unique and muscular look is something that makes it even expensive.

If you are willing to bring the American bully home,, you will not be finding it at a reasonable price tag. The  American bully price in India can range from Rs 40, 000 INR to Rs. 85, 000 INR.

American Bully Is a New Breed

While there are many dog breeds that are available in the market for the longest time, American bully is definitely a new breed. This breed was developed back in 1980. However, the first time it ever got recognized was back in 2004.

The complete history of American Bully will definitely go back to a few hundred years when the bulldogs and the terries were the one to be used for sports. As soon as the sports went out of list, the remaining breeds were the one to breed together.

In the time, these were the breed that became even more diverse groups. Breeders were also looking for companion dogs from the bully breeds and that is when they mixed the breeds and formed the new breed. The new and better breed -American Bully that looked masculine but offers great companionship became the new thing in the market. Also check Gardening.

American Bully Can Love to 10 to 13 years

Just like any other dog breeds, American Bully is the breed that needs excellent care. So when you take good care of them, you can stay assured that they can live for 10 to 13 years.

The one thing that you should definitely keep doing for your dog is to keep an eye on the health problems. American bullies face some common health issues in common who need you to consult with a vet for sure. In case you find any abnormalities, you can immediately contact them. This will make sure that they live for a good number of years.

Bottom Line: So now that you have gained a good amount of details about the American bully, it is time that you buy one. Look for a reputed breeder first, consult them and check if they are worth relying on before buying. You can also ask for the golden retriever price if you want to buy a retriever and American bully as your companion.

So what are you waiting for? Bring an amazing companion today.